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silverfish australian pest control brisbane-12


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Silverfish - Pest Control Brisbane Silverfish are a common pest in Australia.  Their destructive eating habits can cause frustration to persons who have a silverfish infestation problem. Habitats Silverfish can survive in most environments and climates.  They prefer dark and damp areas such as attics, basements, kitchens, wardrobes, closets, and bathrooms.  They are attracted to... Read More
australian cockroaches pest control brisbane-10

Australian Cockroaches

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Australian Cockroaches - Pest Control Brisbane There are about 4000 known species of cockroaches in the world and around 450 species varieties in Australia.  Few of the known species of cockroaches are pests. There are 3 main cockroach species that are pests in Australia and are found in homes, businesses and industrial areas. These are... Read More