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Boring Chores Pest Control

hornets and wasps brisbane pest control-12


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Wasps - Pest Control Brisbane Wasps, bees, hornets and ants belong to one of the largest groups of insects.  Wasps can become aggressive if they feel threatened or their nest is attacked. Wasps feed on other wasps as well as other materials, they have a parasitic hunting nature. Some wasps and hornets feed on paper... Read More
spiders pest control brisbane-12


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Spiders - Pest Control Brisbane Queensland is host to many varieties of spiders.  Most spider species have a harmless bite and some do not bite at all.  There are however some extremely dangerous spider species in the Brisbane area, these include the redback spider, the funnel web spider, the mouse spider, trap door spiders, white-tailed... Read More
carpet-beetle-adult pest control brisbane-10

Carpet Beetle

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Carpet Beetle - Pest Control Brisbane The carpet beetle is part of the beetle group of insects and is a problematic pest in households, offices, businesses, and anywhere it has access to carpets, upholstery, mats, and any other type of material that is similar.  Their larvae feed on these materials causing irreparable damage. The carpet... Read More
rodent mice rats pest control brisbane-12


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Fleas (rats & mice) - Pest Control Brisbane The South East Queensland area including the Brisbane area is home to 7 types of native species of rodents, and three types that are introduced.  The house mouse and the water rat can be hard to pick apart as they look very similar. The house mouse, sewer... Read More
fleas pest control brisbane-20


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Fleas - Pest Control Brisbane Fleas are wingless, flightless insects that attach themselves to hosts such as dogs or cats and feed off the blood when they inject their probes into the skin.  They can jump long distances, and their bodies are flattened, enabling them to crawl easily through hair, fur or feathers. They have... Read More
queensland ants pest control brisbane-12


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Ants - Pest Control Brisbane Ants are a common pest in Australia.  They generally don't sting or bite, but a few species do such as the fire ant and the green ant.  These species of ant will only attack if provoked or you disturb their nest. Ant nests are mostly built around and underneath wood,... Read More
silverfish australian pest control brisbane-12


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Silverfish - Pest Control Brisbane Silverfish are a common pest in Australia.  Their destructive eating habits can cause frustration to persons who have a silverfish infestation problem. Habitats Silverfish can survive in most environments and climates.  They prefer dark and damp areas such as attics, basements, kitchens, wardrobes, closets, and bathrooms.  They are attracted to... Read More
australian cockroaches pest control brisbane-10

Australian Cockroaches

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Australian Cockroaches - Pest Control Brisbane There are about 4000 known species of cockroaches in the world and around 450 species varieties in Australia.  Few of the known species of cockroaches are pests. There are 3 main cockroach species that are pests in Australia and are found in homes, businesses and industrial areas. These are... Read More